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International Antalya Hospitality Tourism and Travel Research Conference
Porto Bello Hotel Antalya / Turkey
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The conference will be hosted by Washington State University and Akdeniz University in Antalya, Turkey.

   Antalya: with a history dating back to 133BC and a name meaning ''Home of Attalos'' referring to the founder of the city Attalos, is a peaceful city situated at the slopes of the Taurus Mountains rich in scenic beauties and historical monuments. Antalya which can be visited any season, is an indispensable touristic destination particulary during the summer. This ''blue'' city enchants its guests with its beautiful beaches and has the longest coastline in Turkey.

   The most striking feature of Antalya are the terrific palm trees of the city which cool you with their shade and accompany you with their breeze on your way. Common in Antalya and adorning the city, palm trees are a sign of the mild Mediterranean climate of the city. Hot and dry during the summer and mild and rainy during the winter Antalya always gives the feeling of a warm home.

   Click here to find out more about where to go and what to do in this heaven-on-earth city.



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