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International Antalya Hospitality Tourism and Travel Research Conference
Porto Bello Hotel Antalya / Turkey
  Full Text Submission
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Full texts should be submitted until September the 30th , 2014


The length of the full text manuscripts must be up to 25 pages, single spaced, Times New Roman font size 10, including tables, figures and references. Papers in excess of this length will NOT be accepted.




A.   All manuscripts must be prepared in English and free of grammatical, spelling and/or  punctuation errors. Please make sure your paper is thoroughly edited and proof read before submission.

B.    All manuscripts must be original works not yet submitted to any other journals or publications prior to the conference. Following the conference, authors may submit the manuscript for publication consideration by other journals.

C.  The conference proceedings will be published online. Final copies of all manuscripts should conform to the following specifications and must be submitted to Dogan Gursoy (

D.  The lead paper author (or at least one of the co-authors in case of multiple authors) is required to register for the International Antalya Hospitality, Tourism and Travel Research conference with full payment of fees before the October 17th, 2014 in order for papers to be included in the Conference Proceedings as well as in the Conference Program. Papers submitted by authors not registered for the conference by the October 17th, 2014 will be deleted from both the Conference Proceedings and the Conference Presentation schedule.


E.   Specification:

·          Prepare your paper using Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 or higher only.

·          Set the page margins exactly as follows: top and bottom 0.8 inch, and right and left 1 inch.

·          Do not indent the first sentence of each paragraph.

·          Align text left.

·         Single spaced within each paragraph but double spaced between paragraphs. Do not number the pages but make sure the pages are in the correct order.   Pages will be numbered by the editor.

·          Use Times New Roman” font size 10.

·          If the paper does not follow these specifications, it will be returned and will    not be included in the proceedings!


G.    All manuscripts must be accompanied by a short abstract of no more than 100 words

            and a list of no more than six key words, which define the subject matter. (See           sample for the locations of the abstract and key words on the next page.)


H.  The file must be created by Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 or higher and the format of the paper has to follow the guidelines provided above. Please use your abstract number as the file name, e.g. if the abstract # is 0001, save the file as 0001.doc.


I.         For other details, please see the sample format below.








John A. Doe

Your University/College/Company’s Name

City, State, Country


Jane Doe

Your University/College/Company’s Name

City, State, Country




James A. Doe

Your University/College/Company’s Name

City, State, Country




Begin your copy here. Align text left. Use Times New Roman” font size 1.  Single space within each paragraph but double space between paragraphs. Do not number the pages but make sure the pages are in the correct order. Pages will be numbered by the editor.


Key Words: identify and list key words (maximum of 6) which represent the content of your paper.





The paper title should be typed in upper case (ALL CAPS), author names (full names only; titles, e.g. Assistant Professor and degrees, e.g. Ph.D. should not be included), and authors’ names and affiliations must be flushed to the right as shown above. The paper must be written in the third person and all submissions must be in English and authors should seek to use straightforward declarative sentences, making every effort to help the reader understand the concepts presented. 

When the article is completed, submit the paper electronically to Dr. Dogan Gursoy ( on or before July 1, 2014. For authors outside North America, make sure your paper is set at 8 ½” x 11” letter-size and NOT the A-4 size. Your paper will be inserted into the proceedings for printing; therefore, it is very important that you follow the guidelines exactly.


Tables and Figures


Tables and figures must appear within the text (not at the end of the text). Tables and figures should be numbered sequentially – e.g. Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, etc., and they should bear a title (with appropriate upper and lower case letters) which explain their contents. For example:


Table 1

Profile of Typical Travel and Tourism Students

















Appendices should appear at the end of the article after the list of references.




References, citations, and general style of manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the APA Publication Manual, 5th ed.  Cite in the text by author and date (Smith, 1983) and include an alphabetical list at the end of the article.  Examples:


Journal: Tsai, M., & Wagner, N. N. (1978). Therapy groups for women sexually molested as children. Archives of Sexual Behaviour, 7(6), 417-427.


Book: Millman, M. (1980). Such a pretty face. New York: W. W. Norton.


Contribution to a Book: Hartley, J. T., & Walsh, D. A. (1980). Contemporary issues in adult development of learning. In L. W. Poon (Ed.),Ageing in the 1980s (pp. 239-252). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.


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